American Express Reward Cards

Now Available: American Express Reward Cards

Virtual Incentives is proud to announce that we have partnered with American Express

We are now able to offer physical American Express Reward Cards. Since 1850, American Express has been one of the premier financial institutions in the world and we are privileged to be associated with them.

With your AMEX reward card comes complete flexibility…

  • It can be used in-store or online
  • The delivery email can be customized to keep your brand top of mind
  • And like all things at American Express, it is completely safe & secure

The VI-AMEX partnership can benefit you in so many more ways

Looking to deliver large incentives? AMEX reward cards are available in denominations as big as $3,000 (or even as small as $1). For your tech-savvy recipients, the AMEX incentive can also be delivered to them for use in their mobile wallets using the most popular formats – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. And to ensure that your company is never too far out of sight (and more importantly, out of mind), the emails used to deliver these AMEX cards can be customized so that the recipients see your brand and it’s alignment with American Express.

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