hand holding virtual incentives reloadable visa gift card

Reloadable Virtual Visa

A new twist to a tried and true payment

Virtual Incentives announced the launch of a new digital twist to a tried and true payment, the Physical Reloadable Visa, with the release of Reloadable Virtual Visa. With this release also comes endless customization options. Add your brand in the digital delivery of the Reloadable Virtual Visa or print your colors and logo on the Physical Reloadable Visa Card. Card creations and reloads are seamless and instantaneous. 

Geographies and currencies:

  • United States, USD
  • Canada, CAD

All payments are tokenized for the modern digital wallet:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

“There is a lot of demand in the marketplace to move physical reloadable Visa into the digital world. This product launch was fun for me, knowing that far in advance the response from our clients would be well received,” said Ron Scocozza, Product Manager at Virtual Incentives.

To learn more click here and ask us about the data and reporting capabilities available with the Reloadable Visa product.