Virtual Visa Gift Cards

Virtual Rewards Lead to Increased Respondent Engagement

In case you missed it, we co-sponsored a groundbreaking research study with industry leaders and Greenbook to uncover the rewards that truly lead to increased respondent engagement. Spoiler alert: it’s virtual gift cards.

Overall, the results showed that nearly half of all respondents participate in research studies to earn a reward or prize. But when it comes to the type of reward they prefer? That’s where things get interesting. In North America, respondents chose virtual cards as the number one preferred method of being rewarding for research participation. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for!

Virtual cards provide clear operational advantages when compared to rewarding with cash. Plus, they offer recipients instant gratification and the flexibility to use their reward whenever and wherever they choose. That’s what we can a win-win, folks.
At Virtual Incentives, we’ve been observing consumer trends and learning what drives certain behaviors for nearly a decade. And when preferences change, so do we. And we will always continue improving our rewards, technology and solutions to stay ahead of the changes within our industry.

Right now, that means mobile. In 2017, more than three-quarters (77%) of Americans own a smartphone. From checking email, social media and the news to playing games or making a purchase, consumers today rely on their phone more than ever. And the GRIT study reflected that as well, with nearly one-third of all participants reporting that they prefer to participate in surveys via their mobile device.

That’s why every Vi reward is optimized for mobile delivery, redemption and use. Plus, integrating with our API allows for real-time delivery by eliminating the lag time between when respondents earn their reward, and when they receive it.
And thanks to partnerships with Visa®, MasterCard® and Amazon, as well as nearly 600 other world wide brands, we give respondents the power of choice every step of the way.

Use our report to make sure your incentive strategies are in tune with the latest trends concerning respondent engagement. And we’ll be right here beside you from beginning to end, creating a tailor-made incentive program that meets your research needs and your respondents’ demands.
If you’re ready to start rewarding or interested in learning more, let’s get connected!