C&CO has paved the way for luxury optics and fashion eye-wear in Egypt. Company Overview Don't like the sun in your eyes? Need some chic new glasses? If you're a lover of fashion and stylish accessories, or even if you just need a sensible pair of shades, then you've come to the right place. C & Co. offers both shades and opticals using lenses of the highest quality, made by very specialized technicians considered to be amongst the best in Egypt. Launched in 2003, C & Co. is another great addition to Baraka's Optical Group. Focusing on the energetic youth who are keen on fashion at reasonable prices, C & Co. quickly established itself as the place for young people to shop for stylish shades. Taking a more informal and laid-back approach to reflect its clients, C & Co.'s stores pioneered the inclusion of cozy lounges and coffee bars in stores. This was very popular with the customers, who felt at ease and at home at C & Co.'s stores, and liked the idea of socializing while shopping. In just seven years, C & Co. has opened over a dozen branches all over Egypt, offering the most up-to-date collections of a wide variety of popular brands. Along with many great offers and promotions, C & Co. established itself as the young person's stylish and reliable friend. Products At C & Co., you'll find everything from funky shades and opticals to the best in international brands is available to suit the customer's wide range of` diverse personalities.






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