Locus derived from Latin refers to a particular location. Locus is just not any ordinary location. It is where magic happens over coffee. It is a specialty coffee located in the heart of Kuwait City which was born as an outcome of the passion of the visionary owners. When the trend of specialty coffee shops started in Kuwait, the young Kuwaiti owners found that there was something missing & it was more commercial. They missed the most important ingredient in extracting a shot of Espresso –which was “PASSION”. This was only the beginning until their passion fueled them to launch their first branch in Kuwait with the vision to see their locus multiply all over the country and beyond. Locus is the alternative to fast food/commercial/coffee shops and offers a much calmer, civilized gourmet coffee experience where guests enjoy their favorite coffee listening to scintillating music from famous regional musicians. The café is well appointed with contemporary seating where guests can have a view of the baristas in action working on state of art coffee machine. The key to success is the ability to offer quality gourmet coffees and reliance on outstanding barista staff.






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