Surf House

The team at Surf House Dubai started surfing here all the way back 1992. There were only a handful of surfers and plenty of waves along the entire stretch of Dubai's coast. In 2005 Scott Chambers, graduated from a degree in Surf Science and Technology (the worlds only bachelor of science in surfing) and returned home to put his degree to use. Surf House Dubai is a one stop shop for all surfing and SUPing needs. Now home to over 2000 members of like minded people with a respect for the ocean and love for the sport. Surf House Dubai is the home for everything surfing & SUPing in the region. Learn to surf, get you gear, improve your surfing and live the lifestyle. We also offer regular yoga classes for all levels with some of the best yoga instructors in the region. Raw coffee is also available at the house, which is organic, taste great and gives you that satisfying coffee fix each day!






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