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Rewards, Incentives and Augmented Reality – What’s in Store?

It’s everywhere, literally. You can hardly leave the house without seeing people running around the streets after Pokemon these days. This craze has all the trappings of a short-lived trend, but as for the technology behind it- that’s not going anywhere. Studies have shown that the virtual and augmented reality industry will grow to $150 billion in revenue by 2020 (Digi-Capital). So what does this prediction mean for the rewards and incentives space? At Virtual Incentives, we are always looking ahead and using the latest technology in order to make essential connections with reward recipients. In order to stay relevant and create that impactful “a-ha” moment, we need to exceed savvy target audiences’ expectations at every stage of the reward process. Whether it is a seamless delivery-to-redemption process on a mobile device, or the latest in API technology to run a program smoothly from start to finish on the back-end, technology innovations play an important role. In taking a closer look at the newest crazes – which are quickly becoming trends of which we must take note – we can apply some lessons to our industry. Our CEO Jonathan Price takes a deep dive into this trend in a recent article on