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Tech-Powered Reward Program Requires Human-Powered Customer Service

By: Jessica Barreto, Virtual Incentives’ Reward Recipient Experience Team Manager


When I ask our client account teams about the feedback our customers provide to them, I’m always excited to hear that they trust us with the well-being of their most valued assets: their employees, customers, and channel partners. This aligns exactly with our mission of creating redemption experiences that deliver value, drive engagement and elicit responses that inspire action and consumer happiness.

We aim to provide a wonderful and frictionless experience for those incentive recipients who, on occasion, need help because, for the most part (literally 99.99% of the time), recipients don’t need to come to us because the incentives simply work.

For example, when a client offers consumers a digital gift card or a Visa card as an incentive to sign up for their new service, its customer acquisition team is ready to answer questions and bring them on as new customers. However, they don’t have the time or expertise to field phone calls and emails about the incentive attached to the offer. That is a fantastic value we deliver for them: they can focus on their mission because they entrust us to handle ours.

It’s impossible to overstate just how important a factor excellent customer service is in creating a great customer experience. When we succeed, it keeps that door open for our clients to continue asking those target audiences to try new services, join loyalty programs, or participate in market research campaigns. In addition, the combination of the Virtual Incentives’ technology that delivers the incentives and our customer service team ensures recipients enjoy a positive incentive experience. 

I’m often asked about the questions we field. For the most part, they’re simple questions, but they’re also ones that our client’s customer service teams should not have to answer:

  • For example, how do I load a physical card onto a mobile app or virtual wallet on my phone?
  • Can I print out my digital eGiftCard and bring it to a store or restaurant? 
  • Do I have to redeem my reward by a specific date?

We provide direct and easy-to-follow answers to recipients’ questions, and that has resulted in consistently high levels of engagement and exceptional customer satisfaction scores. 

GetFeedback reports that, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the current overall U.S. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is about 74%. Our overall CSAT score is over 92%, exceeding every industry benchmark. And I’m so proud to announce that two of my team members, Julissa M. and Nicole L., were recently named to the Top 10 Agents by Number of Rating list in Nicereply’s 2022 Customer Happiness Awards

We also solicit feedback from every recipient we interact with — here are some recent comments our team members received:

  • “Excellent customer service experience – which is so rare nowadays.”
  • “I don’t think the response could have been faster than any response I have ever had from a company, and it was immediately solved for me. Very impressed!”
  • “The initial response was faster than expected, and the directions were clear. Problem resolved on the first try without needing anything more from me… Great job! Keep it up!”

We regularly follow-up with people we’ve helped to ensure we’ve answered all of their questions and they’re happy with our service. People often express surprise that we’re calling them! It’s another way we create a rewards experience that reflects well on our clients’ brand(s).

Contact us for more information about how the Virtual Incentives’ Reward Recipient Experience Team can become an invaluable component of your business process.