The Virtual Incentives Global eGiftCards Catalog Grows to Over 2,000 Brands

The company’s reward platform enables organizations to incentivize and reward consumers or employees worldwide in a wide array of global currencies

NEW YORK – July 26, 2022 –  Virtual Incentives, the payment platform that drives engagement and inspires action, today announced the number of brands in its global eGiftCards catalog has more than doubled in just the last six months. The company offers the most global coverage in the industry with eGiftCards from over 2,000 brands in 57 countries and 72 currencies.

Because financial and data privacy laws and regulations can differ from one country or region to another, delivering a personalized, engaging experience while conducting an international reward program typically requires navigating a number of technical and geographic obstacles. Virtual Incentives is the global innovator for B2B rewards and payment issuing whose strength is helping companies, from startups to multinationals, overcome those challenges. 

Convenience should never trump security, and protecting rewards recipients’ privacy. The Virtual Incentives API interfaces with the financial systems of dozens of countries, employing security technologies and best practices such as multi-factor authentication, IP blocking, and password rules to ensure rewards are delivered to the correct recipient every time.

The Virtual Incentives API tracks more than 40 data points, including when recipients received and activated their rewards. This enables Virtual Incentives to provide its customers with details such as when recipients received and activated their rewards. Companies expanding into new markets use the information to create highly customized experiences for their target audiences in multiple countries.

“Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to issue reward and incentive payments no matter where their recipients are in the world,” said James Gary, CEO, Virtual Incentives. “No other company can match the volume and variety of our ever-expanding eGiftCards reward and payment catalog or the extent of our global reach.” 

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About Virtual Incentives

Virtual Incentives is the payments platform for engagement and action. Its mission is twofold: make it quick and easy for its clients to deliver payouts, incentives, or rewards to their customers or employees anywhere in the world; and to help its clients learn more about their customers and employees. Virtual Incentives delivers more than 40 million payments annually across 50 countries in 42 currencies. Virtual Incentives sets itself apart through its tailored approach to customer service and its technological innovation that enables companies to create payment experiences that deliver value, engagement, and transparency. For more information about Virtual Incentives, visit