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Want a Better Giving Experience? Break Down the International Payment Barriers

If you’ve ever dealt with issuing rewards payments outside the U.S., you may have wondered if it might be easier to board an international flight with a suitcase full of gift cards and hand them out to recipients in person. That’s one way to avoid the many logistical and security obstacles that can make delivering rewards internationally such a time-consuming and frustrating experience. 

Or, you can keep your passport in your drawer and use the Virtual Incentives platform to deliver payments worldwide quickly and cost-effectively. 

When a client tells us they want to incentivize consumers to participate in international promotional campaigns or market research surveys, we usually recommend issuing eGiftCards or Virtual VISA cards instead of physical cards. Collecting hundreds of recipients’ mailing addresses and shipping the cards is labor-intensive, and delivery can take days or weeks. That’s not an engaging (or even acceptable) experience for today’s consumers.  

Virtual Incentives enables companies to deliver digital rewards that offer several benefits over the physical format. Recipients can select immediate delivery to an email address, a mobile app, or a bank account and choose their rewards from multiple brands. The result is a highly customized experience that attracts attention raises participation levels and compels a higher percentage of recipients to redeem their rewards. 

Speed, simplicity, and choice will never trump security. The Virtual Incentives API securely interfaces with the financial systems of dozens of countries to thwart fraudsters and cyberthieves.

Along with our technology, our global partner ecosystem is critical to our ability to help companies overcome the many technical and geographic obstacles that threaten to derail international campaigns where financial and data privacy laws and regulations can differ. We work with leading payments solutions providers to automate the delivery of reward and incentive payouts to recipients wherever they are in the world. 

One of our core strengths is helping companies — from innovative startups to multinationals — overcome the challenges of issuing international payments. 

Our reward and payment catalog offers you more than 1,050 brands in 52 countries and 43 currencies. Because browsing such a large selection can be overwhelming at first, the catalog offers filters that let you categorize rewards by type (eGiftCard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express), currency, and country, to create a selection customized on a campaign-by-campaign basis.