Virtual Visa Card

Virtual Visa Reward Cards: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about Virtual Visa Reward Cards. We may assume we know what they are, but do we really understand their full potential? Today, we hear the term “virtual” associated with so many different types of products that we sometimes forget to think about what “virtual” actually means in context. In the case of Virtual Visa Reward Cards, it’s important to note that virtual doesn’t mean “simulated,” it means digital and instant. A Virtual Visa Reward Card works just like a traditional Visa Card, only better, faster, and easier.

OK…so What Is a Virtual Visa Card Exactly?

A Virtual Visa Reward Card is a prepaid Visa, complete with unique numbers, that is delivered instantly via email. It can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, both online or by phone.
With Virtual Visa Reward Cards, rewards recipients no longer have to wait for a physical product to arrive in the mail, they can enjoy their reward as soon as they get it. For businesses, Virtual Visa Reward Cards offer a secure, familiar card name that can be delivered – and redeemed – instantly all over the world. From rebate programs to health incentives and everything in between, Visa Virtual Rewards provide the ultimate flexible solution for any reward scenario.
Why should you choose the virtual version over a traditional gift card? We’ve broken it down into a list of our top 10 benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of  Choosing a Virtual Visa Reward Card

1. It’s Familiar

Everyone knows and trusts Visa. This secure card can be received and redeemed in a matter of minutes wherever Visa is accepted. Plus, users can easily manage their account anywhere from a PC or mobile device through Visa’s website.

2. It’s Low Risk for You

Although Virtual Visa Reward Cards work just like Plastic Visas, recipients can only spend what you load. Refunds or rewards can be paid back to your Virtual Visa, while Visa’s state-of-the-art secure technology platform helps safeguard your company and your recipient’s money.

3. It’s More Secure

Instead of risking mail theft or online identity fraud, Virtual Visa Reward Cards allow recipients to pay without revealing any financial details.

4. It’s Fast & Mobile

When you have to wait for a reward, you forget about where it came from. Instant delivery and instant funding allow recipients to spend right away. That means you can deliver happiness, fast! And they’ll remember you for it. Plus, Virtual Visa Reward Cards are optimized across multiple devices for easy access and instant delivery, even on the go.

5. You Can Customize It to Fit Your Brand

Bonus! When you purchase bulk Virtual Visa Rewards Cards through Virtual Incentives, you can customize your communications to fit your brand with personalized content and messaging. This allows a company to maximize its promotional investment and brand visibility while delivering awesome rewards.

6. It’s Environmentally Responsible

Forward-thinking companies love the fact that Virtual Visa Reward Cards do not harm the environment by adding yet another piece of plastic to a landfill. Plus, with customizable messaging you can let your recipients know that by enjoying their virtual rewards, they’re helping the earth.

7. It’s Global

Virtual Visa Reward Cards allow your recipients to instantly convert their money to a different currency. No long lines or complicated procedures.

8. Recipients Have the Option to Receive a Physical Card

The great thing about choosing Visa is that your recipient also has the option to receive a physical card in lieu of a virtual one. If there is every any confusion, it can easily be remedied.

9. It Saves You Money

If your company has an existing rewards or incentives program, Virtual Visa Rewards offer significant cost savings compared to traditional physical cards since there is no card production, packaging on shipment. Win-win!

10. We Make It Easy for You

When you purchase rewards through Virtual Incentives, you get all the features of a Virtual Visa Reward Card, plus the best-in-class customer service that comes with every Virtual Incentives product, like tracking and reporting and simple online bulk ordering. Additionally, our API eliminates lag time between receipt and redemption, which allows your recipients to receive – and use – their Visa instantly, on any device.

Ready to modernize your rewards program with Virtual Visa Rewards Cards? Connect with one of our expert service representatives and start rewarding your customers today.