Would you rather shop online or offline? 21 statistics

Here’s a question. If you were given the choice, would you rather shop for something online or offline? Here’s what 21 statistics say about our preferences.

  • 71% of women are much more likely to research online and buy offline (source:econsultancy)
  • 64% of us have researched purchases online before buying offline, (econsultancy)
  • 64% of respondents indicate that the 24-hour availability of items is the big draw for them (source: Esper Group)
  • 61% of men would be disappointed if a luxury brand did not have an online offering (Esper Group)
  • 57% of us say we prefer the online to offline experience (econsultancy)
  • 52% of men are much more likely to research online and buy offline (econsultancy)
  • 50% say the draw to online is being more likely to find a product at a discount (Esper Group)
  • 50% of consumers prefer shopping for fashion online than offline
  • 49% enjoy reducing their purchase times (Esper Group)
  • 46% like being able to find out more about the product (Esper Group)
  • 38% prefer the geographical coverage that shopping online offers (econsultancy)
  • 38% dislike the lack of guarantees for goods and post-sales service (source:Delinio)
  • 36% of 18-25 year olds actively seeking peer and family opinions before purchasing (Delinio)
  • 35% of female online shoppers visit retailers’ websites in order to look for product reviews (econsultancy)
  • 34% don’t wish to wait to receive their item (Delinio)
  • 33% like having more payment options available (econsultancy)
  • 26% would like original receipts (source: Congus)
  • 21% look to social networks for inspiration (Delinio)
  • 20% of men aged 18-35 have a barcode scanner app, supporting the growing trend for showrooming, where shoppers research in store and make a final purchase online (source: Delinio)
  • 20% or young shoppers use lifestyle blogs to learn about the latest fashions (Congus)
  • 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites (source: Congus)

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