Georgia Commute Options boosts alternative commuting with Virtual Incentives

Georgia Commute Options was originally founded to address the traffic issues surrounding the 1996 Olympic Games, held in Atlanta and attracting millions of people. Nearly two decades later, the organization is still going strong, promoting alternative transportation and helping reduce the environmental impacts of driving. In order to encourage involvement, Georgia Commute Options is always … Continued

icanmakeitbetter makes it better with increased response rates

icanmakeitbetter is an all-in-one insight community and customer feedback solution for the market research industry. They knew that in order to provide true, on-demand, in-context insights for their clients, they had to keep their respondents engaged and providing feedback. They found that the same respondent reward over and over could cause their audience to lose … Continued

The Impact of Incentives on Consumer Behavior

Keeping customers engaged and responsive is increasingly challenging in a world where they’re constantly inundated with advertiser messaging across multiple media platforms. This study explores consumer perceptions and preferences surrounding incentives and how the incentive itself impacts brand perceptions and purchase behaviors. Download this white paper and learn how to keep customers engaged with incentives.

How to Do More for Less: Choosing an Incentive Program with Gongos, Inc.

Choosing an incentive program that encourages participation but also fits the budget is one of the biggest challenges market research firms face. When Gongos, Inc. first came to us, they were frustrated that their previous rewards provider was unable to offer a customizable incentive solution at a fair price. Learn how our proprietary product, GiftCard … Continued

Holiday Trends and Preferences Among Millennials

Much has been written and explored to try to truly understand the Millennial population, but understanding their motivations and preferences during the holiday season is especially important. This multi-billion dollar shopping period can spell success, or failure, for many companies and brands, so it’s vital to have an understanding of the largest generation of shoppers. … Continued