Scoring Valuable Customer Service Lessons at Our Team Offsite Training

Virtual Incentives prides itself on offering both our clients and reward recipients best in class customer service.  We are continually educating our teams on best practice techniques, as well as providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide the highest level of support. Recently we conducted one of our quarterly team offsite training … Continued

How to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

The average American household has enrolled in more than 18 customer loyalty programs, according to a study done by research firm Colloquy. Customer rewards programs are one of the best and most successful ways to build brand loyalty and boost sales, but that doesn’t mean they are always effective at influencing customer behavior and support. … Continued

The Top 5 Characteristics of Effective Employee Incentives Programs

The world of rewards is changing, and there’s no better time to take a look at employee incentives programs that are leading the way to more engaged employees. In today’s fast-paced work world, traditional employee incentives are lagging behind, with weeks-long delays between achievement and reward. Similarly, catalogs full of plastic gadgets now offer employees … Continued

Virtual Visa Reward Cards: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about Virtual Visa Reward Cards. We may assume we know what they are, but do we really understand their full potential? Today, we hear the term “virtual” associated with so many different types of products that we sometimes forget to think about what “virtual” actually means in context. … Continued

10 Affordable Survey Incentive Ideas that Boost Response Rates

Running out of survey incentive ideas? As a market researcher, you know that investing in incentives is not an option, but a necessity. In today’s busy digital world, survey respondents are not motivated by empty promises or vague benefits. In short, “we’ll use your feedback to improve our service” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Without … Continued

4 Changes We Can Expect for the Future of Rewards

For companies to be successful now and in the future, they must be one step ahead of what their customers need, want and demand. And the same is true for creating an engaging rewards and incentives program.   That’s why we partnered with Koski Research, Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) and Lenny Murphy of GreenBook … Continued

The Future of Rewards Has Arrived

We recently teamed up with Koski Research, Leonard Murphy, and Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) to better understand the future of rewards. Specifically, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers and examined how and why consumers value rewards and incentives in the following ways: Delivery Channel Preference Consumers’ Perceived Value Role in Brand Engagement Virtual Incentives CEO … Continued

Without Incentives, What Drives Survey Respondents?

Most of us don’t choose to spend our free time taking surveys. So what are the driving factors (aside from incentives) that get people to engage? Below, we’ll explore the hidden motivators that could lead to higher response rates and better results. How do I get them to open my survey? Before you can start … Continued