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Oh Canada! Virtual Incentives Expands Operations Throughout the Great White North

Fifty seven. That’s the number (and counting) of countries the Virtual Incentives platform reaches, by far the most global coverage in the industry. Our partner ecosystem is one key factor driving the rapid expansion of our platform worldwide. For example, we recently completed the integration of our technology with Marqeta’s platform to open the entirety of Canada to our customers.  

Whether a company wants to issue payments across one or many international borders, it must navigate each country’s financial and data privacy laws and regulations. Our partnership with Marqeta is one way we help eliminate the headaches and delays that are typical of international rewards or market research programs.  

Expanding our global footprint is one of our top priorities, and working with leading technology providers like Marqeta, Blackhawk Network, and Stripe has been critical to our success.  

We invite you to learn how you can use the VI platform to issue payments to your target audiences around the world in 72 different currencies.