Year-End Bonuses: Give Employees What They Actually Want

Most employees look forward to a bonus or some display of appreciation around the holidays, and there’s a number of ways that employers can approach this end-of-year expectation. But be aware — gifts aren’t always received the way you might hope. For all you bosses and HR departments out there, we’ve outlined the good, the … Continued

The Dos and Don’ts of Incentives

Whether you’re rewarding research respondents, employees or customers, a good incentives program reaps big returns. But if it’s done wrong, it could leave you in the lurch with bleak response rates, disgruntled employees or apathetic would-be brand loyalists. That’s why we’ve put together a convenient list of dos and don’ts when it comes to incentives. … Continued

How to Execute a Successful Rewards Program

We all know a successful rewards program engages and retains customers while driving sales. That’s a given. And with over 75% of millennial consumers participating in loyalty and reward programs, they do a lot of heavy-lifting. But how do you create a well-designed rewards program that packs a serious punch? Make it innovative, personalized to … Continued

Virtual Rewards Lead to Increased Respondent Engagement

In case you missed it, we co-sponsored a groundbreaking research study with industry leaders and Greenbook to uncover the rewards that truly lead to increased respondent engagement. Spoiler alert: it’s virtual gift cards. Overall, the results showed that nearly half of all respondents participate in research studies to earn a reward or prize. But when it comes … Continued

Georgia Commute Options boosts alternative commuting with Virtual Incentives

Georgia Commute Options was originally founded to address the traffic issues surrounding the 1996 Olympic Games, held in Atlanta and attracting millions of people. Nearly two decades later, the organization is still going strong, promoting alternative transportation and helping reduce the environmental impacts of driving. In order to encourage involvement, Georgia Commute Options is always … Continued

icanmakeitbetter makes it better with increased response rates

icanmakeitbetter is an all-in-one insight community and customer feedback solution for the market research industry. They knew that in order to provide true, on-demand, in-context insights for their clients, they had to keep their respondents engaged and providing feedback. They found that the same respondent reward over and over could cause their audience to lose … Continued

FocusVision Offers Virtual Incentives API to Seamlessly Reward Respondents

Introducing an instant and automated rewards solution for FocusVision Decipher software clients.   Fishkill, NY – 12 April 2017 – Virtual Incentives, an industry pioneer in digital reward fulfillment for leading global brands, is working with leading market research technology company FocusVision to provide rewards and incentives for the company’s clients and users. Virtual Incentives’ … Continued

Using Amazon Gift Cards to increase engagement

This holiday shopping season, more people than ever are turning to eCommerce giant, Amazon. In fact, Amazon is involved in almost every digital shopping experience – a new report shows nine out of 10 people will, at the very least, check prices on Amazon on products before they buy. Recently, Amazon announced its Seattle beta … Continued

New Research Study Reveals Consumer Preferences for Incentives and Rewards

September 19, 2016 – Fishkill, NY – Virtual Incentives has released the first round of data from a new research study on consumer perceptions and preferences surrounding incentives. The study, formally called “Incentive Research Paper” also explored how the incentive itself impacts brand perceptions, while studying influencers like gender, age, income levels and political affiliation. … Continued