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Prepaid gift cards shape better customer rebates

It’s no secret: customers (along with everyone else) want immediate gratification. Old-school rebates, with their six-to-eight-week wait times and arcane requirements, just don’t cut it in the 21st century. Virtual Incentives can help you give your customers what they want. Our custom programs for prepaid gift cards let you offer instant, on-the-spot rebates. Immediate rewards strengthen the purchase incentive and help you build stronger brand loyalty, further increasing the ROI on the program.

Prepaid gift cards are faster

A prepaid gift card rebate program, with cards like Virtual Visa® offered by Virtual Incentives, lets you offer rewards quickly, with incentives that have the broadest possible appeal. You can seamlessly offer various levels of qualifications and rewards and deliver them over the Internet.

Prepaid gift cards are more flexible

Therein lies the real power of the Virtual Incentives prepaid gift cards: flexibility. Customers can redeem the rewards at any online retailer, anytime – immediately after the rewards are earned. And you can craft a program that fits your specific needs, incorporating Virtual Visa® cards and other branded or custom rewards. Gone are the days when customers have to wait weeks, or even months for their rebates. And, gone are the days that you have to deal with a mountain of paperwork to administer rebates. It’s a brand-new world driven by instant gratification – and you can tap that trend, with prepaid gift cards from Virtual Incentives. It’s time to modernize your rebate programs with prepaid gift cards from Virtual Incentives. Get started today – and start delivering rewards that will drive better sales and improve customer loyalty.