Reloadable Visa Reward Cards Build Relationships With Customers. Here’s How.

Consumers love Visa rewards for a variety of reasons. They appreciate the flexibility and convenience of Visa reward cards and the reloadable nature of the product solves a common challenge for brands – increasing engagement and building long-lasting relationships with customers. 

Reloadable Visa cards enable companies to issue additional incentives to an existing customer when they re-engage with the brand. A prime example – a survey taker who returns several times to take surveys for a brand receives a $10 reward every time they complete the survey. 

In addition to these benefits of choosing a virtual Visa reward card, there are myriad other reasons to add reloadable Visa cards — both the virtual and physical form — to your portfolio:

  • Increase customer engagement: Reloadable Visa boosts time-of-engagement by continuing to offer real time rewards to customers as opposed to single-use incentives and reward cards.
  • Build long-term relationships: The reloadable Visa is an avenue for reconnecting with your target audiences and motivating them to interact with and represent your brand. 
  • Deliver instant rewards: Pay recipients immediately – Visa rewards available for use and interaction in real-time. 
  • Create brand affinity: Customers develop affinity and loyalty for a brand when they are rewarded instantly. Instant gratification motivates customers to re-engage with the brand. 
  • Own user experience: our API easily integrates with your systems so you can deliver instant rewards while owning the end to end experience.
  • Avoid lock-in: recipients have the freedom to decide how to redeem their rewards — they can shop at any online or brick-and-mortar retail outlet, or dine out at any restaurant they choose. 

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