Deliver Rewards Payments Directly to Your Recipients’ Bank Accounts

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Stripe. Payments to recipients in the United States and Canada are immediately available, with additional countries in beta. “Leveraging the Stripe platform, we’ve built amazing functionality, enabling our clients to send funds to their bank accounts instantly,” says Ashley McCutcheon, VP of Platform. 

Sending payments could not be easier — simply connect to Virtual Incentives API to issue next-day payments making it the fastest and easiest way to integrate the direct deposit option into your payout strategy.

Our partnership with Stripe is an example of how we tap into our robust global partner ecosystem to help our customers deliver a broad (and ever-growing) range of payments and financial services to their most essential audiences worldwide.

Giving your rewards recipients multiple options for receiving their rewards is key to creating an engaging experience. Whether your audiences request delivery to their mailboxes, email addresses, favorite mobile apps bank accounts, or (most likely) any combination of those options, the Virtual Incentives platform empowers you to offer them that choice.