Virtual Visa, now features FedEx Tracking for Physical Cards

Virtual Visa, now features FedEx Tracking for Physical Cards

Virtual Visa, which is great, just got Better

Sending a Visa card via FedEx, is not a new idea, far from it, but determining when and to whom to send it, via API is. 

For high-value consumers, those who are receiving, for example, a payment in excess of $250, sending the payment via FedEx signals an extra special level of service. Now, via our API, you can make that determination in real-time. 

“For our client’s high-value consumers, those whom they want to communicate to in a very special way this feature makes it happen. And, it gives everyone the peace of mind of trackability.” Ashley @ Virtual Incentives, VP of Platform at Virtual Incentives.

OK…so what is this feature Exactly?

A recipient receives a Virtual Visa, yay! As always, they have the option to receive a physical card in lieu of a Virtual Visa. But now, instead of the card coming in the mail to their home or office, you can make the determination of sending it by FedEx, instead of USPS. Simply determine the card value you want to set to trigger, the FedEx delivery, and the platform will do the rest.

Your recipient’s experience Matters

To us, the experience of your customer, panel community member, or channel partner is all we think about. Their interaction with the payment should be a joyous moment, and of course, is a reflection of your brand. Our aim is to help you keep every touchpoint special,  frictionless, and one of celebration, all of which contribute to the elevation of your brand.