eGiftCards. We’re Going Global!

When we say “going global”, we mean it. We’re not just taking an existing product and sending it overseas with the new Virtual Incentives Global eGiftCards. We’re offering a truly global solution with the advanced personalization, customization and ordering options. The new eGiftCards offer instant deliver for online or in-store shopping with more than 600 brands to choose from in various denominations – all with seamless delivery to more than 43 countries in 16 currencies.

Constellation Customers Receive Intelligent Digital Rewards Platform

Customers are rewarded with the proprietary GiftCard PASS and Visa® virtual accounts to deliver instant gratification and garner loyalty   Fishkill, NY – 13 January 2016 – Virtual Incentives, an industry pioneer in digital reward fulfillment for leading global brands, today announced it was selected as the exclusive provider of Constellation’s new digital rewards platform … Continued