Leadership Team

James Gary

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Price

Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Larmon

Chief Technology Officer

Amanda Katawczik


Nate Shelley-Reade

Chief Revenue Officer

Seth Brennan

Chief Operating Officer

Sarena Straus

General Counsel

Romy Parznick

SVP Client Experience

Wendy King

VP of Account Management

Ashley McCutcheon

VP of Product Development


Where Rewards and Technology Meet

In 2010, we created Virtual Incentives to close a gap in the industry. Brands needed to reward customers, employees and research respondents, yet the existing model felt dated and, well, unrewarding. Our mission is twofold: make it quick and easy for our clients to deliver payouts, incentives, or rewards to their customers or employees anywhere in the world; and to help our clients learn more about their customers and employees.

Prior to Virtual Incentives entering the market, the typical reward experience was anything but positive. Technology was rapidly advancing, but the ability to deliver virtual rewards was either non-existent or too clunky to be efficient—in fact, the process more often than not served only to disengage audiences. The chasm between what consumers expect – and what brands were able to provide – grew wider and wider.

So VI founders James Gary and Jonathan Price combined their collective experience from both the incentives industry and the technology space to solve the problem. The result: The first virtual rewards platform of its kind, powered by one simple, customizable solution.

Virtual Incentives has brought the reward payment process into the 21st century with its innovative API and a unique approach to customer service. Today, we’ve perfected our full-service platform and API technology to deliver incentives, payouts, and digital gift cards instantly to anyone, at any time. Choose from endless bulk reward options – including virtual Visa®, MasterCard® and global eGiftCards – to give employees, research respondents and customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

What originally started as a combination of rewards and tech has quickly become one of the most trusted partners across the world. Through the VI platform, we provide millions of rewards each year to industry-leading, global brands — including more than forty Fortune 100 companies.