More Global Brands: Middle East and North Africa

More Global Brands: Middle East and North Africa

Virtual Incentives announces the addition of 250+ global brands to its payment platform

“We’re excited to offer even more fantastic real-time payment choices for our clients as they look to increase their global footprint.”, Virtual Incentives’ VP of Client Success, Howie Burke

Virtual Incentives announced the launch of over 250+ new global branded gift cards for the Middle East and North Africa. This is a major expansion that will open up geographies for many market researchers, sample providers, employee and channel sales engagement platforms, and customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

Top Brands

UAEBahrainEgyptKuwaitOmanQatarSaudi Arabia
Palazzo VersaceAnghamiFortuneMangoGallery ArganMyListJoory Diamonds
Fitness FirstMangoB-TechFitness FirstGrand Millennium MuscatBlue SalonDamas
ShukranCareemHedeyaDamasDomino's PizzaAmerican TouristerBaby Fitaihi
DamasShukranMetroMyListTropical Juices & Ice CreamSalam StoresPaul

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