Rewards, Incentives and Augmented Reality – What’s in Store?

It’s everywhere, literally. You can hardly leave the house without seeing people running around the streets after Pokemon these days. This craze has all the trappings of a short-lived trend, but as for the technology behind it- that’s not going anywhere. Studies have shown that the virtual and augmented reality industry will grow to $150 … Continued

Ipsos Report: The Future of Finance in a Digital World

In a recent report from Ipsos Mori’s head of financial services, Paul Stamper, he points out some significant ways that the digital landscape is changing the face of finance. In 2015, the fin-tech space in the United States alone was worth more than $10 billion, and it continues to grow exponentially. Stamper puts forth that … Continued

5 Ways Mobile is Changing Gift Card Incentives

Incentives are feeling the pull of consumers on the go. One of the things that we’ve always focused on as a company is incorporating technology and trends from outside our industry into our solutions for rewards and incentives. When mobile really started to take hold in all parts of life, we made sure that rewards … Continued